Readymade is an Improv Lab

Besides the regular Vrooom concerts (that happen once a month) Vrooom has started a concert series called Readymade. It could happen on several location and is supposed to be an event that acts as a playground for (mainly) Rotterdam musicians to play improvised music.

It should function as a try out/meeting point for all Rotterdam musicians that dare to play this stuff… But also as a Lab for trying our different approaches to improv music.

So this is the way we’d like to work;

– We look for curators of Readymade; it means you have a free hand in asking who is playing, and if you have ideas about a concept, that would be possible too. So each readymade is about 4/5 musicians playing. We used to do it on a regular basisbut now (2019) we think we will only do it when there is a good reason or a good concept.

– we’re also interested in collaborations with dancers/performers

– Of course musicians from other planets are welcome too… (not only the Rotterdam planet we mean)

– The reason for doing this is not ‘playing another gig’… Readymade is a possibility for musicians to explore new ways of making sounds and finding people you haven’t played with before. There’s no budget, and entrance fee is voluntary.


– we think that Rotterdam finally has enough interesting musicians to start a weekly improv series that functions as a lab. (although we are not weekly yet)

– we also think that there are lots of different scenes floating around that don’t meet eachother much, if at all. Readymade is a chance to look beyond your own little world.

– Music that is blurred, unpure, ecclectic and spontaneous is the way to go… So please well trained jazz kids, allow some horrible noise in your world… and please droneheads listen to a beat or two… and please psychedelic farties, think a bit before you get out of the groove…

– improv music is for everybody to play… it’s not a means to an end… it can be anything you want… it happens in all cultures… it doesn’t necessarely come from jazz, or fluxus, or noise… it comes from the heart as well as the brain…

send us a message if you’re interested in joining….


CURATORS! what do they do?

  • A curator organizes who is playing.
  • There is always a concept, but the concept can be just the people who play and what instruments they use. It can also be a conducting job, or an idea for a piece. As this series is about improvisation, anything you do should have an improv idea as the starting point of any concept or ‘composition’.
  • The curator invites the audience by making a FB event (or asking us to do that but inviting the audience).