Readymade Improv Lab@Worm 16 juli

(Baron roman feodorovich ungern-sternberg)


Readymade is an improv lab series of irregular concerts on different locations in Rotterdam, slightly connected to Vrooom.

We believe in challenging the status quo, finding new ways to connect dance and music, and composing live, on site, directly through improvisation. Also recognize the comfort zone to outgrow it.

Music and dance are viewed through the same lens of instant composition.

Option 1; The sound inspires movement in the bodies of the dancers / movers and the body creates the impulse for making sound (and making silence) for the musicians.

Option 2; None of this happens, but a strange gathering of disparate activities unfolds that irritates attention or, better, irritates.

Ask; Is the perception of sound and movement just as important as producing it?


johanna monk ; electronics, maybe more

gonco almeida ; bass

sato endo ; moving

cora schmeisser ; voice

angelina deck ; movement

lukas simonis ; guitar, electronics

thanks to; Popunie

location and time;

Worm, Boomgaardsstraat 71, Rotterdam

door open; 2000h


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