Readymade in Ubik, march 31th, 2019


A Readymade special with three local improv acts

location: Wunderbar – Boomgaardsstraat, Rotterdam march 31th, 2019

Anticlan’s music is fully improvised. The trio plays adventurous, organic and spontaneous music, which sometimes intensifies with the use of distorted guitars and more heavy drums. They play with great dynamic variation and touches of melody amidst wild and fiery sections.
Philipp Ernsting – drums
Josue Amador – guitar
Hugo Costa – saxophone

• CODARTS Composers Ensemble (CCE)
The CCE was funded in 2015 at the composition department off the Rotterdam Conservatory ( Codarts ). It is an experimental music ensemble which functions as a laboratory for students with the aim to explore unconventional approaches to music composition and performance, involving improvisation and alternative notation systems. This time the CCE will feature:
Christine Cornwell – violin
Nina Künzel – voice
Elena García – cello
Ivan Cruz – double bass

• Lukas Simonis/Nina Hitz
Guitar/cello duo. Simonis plays in lots of projects and has his band Coolhaven ready to rock for their 20 years jubilee. Hitz has two improv bands (Ras and a duo with Vilbjorg Broch)… she plays a bit of new music and a lot of old…

Readymade is made possible with kind support of Popunie



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